Birthday reminder: how to use Lucky Reminder to remind a birthday

Many people ask me is it possible to use Lucky Reminder for reminding birthdays? The answers is yes, of course. And this is very easy. The software is designed with various recurrence settings for events including yearly recurrence. All you need is just to create an event with this yearly recurrence. The steps below are explaining how you may setup a birthday reminder.
1. Choose "Add event" or "New event";
2. Check "Monthly or yearly event" in the "Recurrence" pane.
3. Uncheck all months selected except for the required month.
4. Choose the date (day of month).
5. Press OK and you are done!
A new event is added and this is a birthday reminder event. Additionally you may choose comments for the event explaining the details. Also you may use "Warn before" option to have time to prepare for the birthday. For example you may set "Warn 2 day before the event".




An alternative and semi-automatic way of setting up a bithday reminder is first choose "Birthday" in "Event name" field (as a result most settings will be automatically set in appropriate way) and then to adjust the remaining settings.

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