This section describes 024h Lucky Reminder options not covered in other sections. Please contact us if you know a good feature to include in Lucky Reminder. We appreciate your valuable suggestions and will consider to give you 024h Lucky Reminder Standard User Edition licence for free, or $15 off any other edition.

Network synchronization.
It is possible to share events between users of local area network. This is made via so-called syncronization folder. Synchronization folder is a network shared folder with specific access permissions. Users who have read access to the share can receive network events to their event lists. Users who have write access to the share can create and edit network events. Network event is created like any other event. Just check Network event checkbox in Add/Edit event dialog and event will be automatically 'networked'.

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Please perform the following steps if you wish to setup network synchronization.
1. Create network shared folder. You may use existing share or create a new one on any computer in the network. After that set the appropriate read/write permissions for this folder.
2. Every user who want to communicate with others should set up the path to the synchronization folder via
Network->Synchronization dialog.

Event actions.
There are so-called actions available for each event created (see Add/Edit event dialog, Event details pane). These actions will be performed by 024h Lucky Reminder at the time of event occurrence. The default action is to show a pop-up reminder window. Actions include:
1. Show pop-up window - show reminder pop-up window
2. Minimize all windows - minimize all opened windows
3. Run external program - run the program specified
4. Open URL - open URL specifed

5. Shut down computer - shut down your system
6. Send message on network - send specified message (net send) to computer or whole domain.

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